Receivership Administration Services Michigan

Amicus Management is proud to have offices in Grand Rapids and Detroit. We’ve served as receiver in 48 Michigan counties and have also provided our services to clients in Indiana, Georgia, and Illinois.

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Receivership Administration

Amicus Management has served as a receiver in Michigan, Indiana, Georgia, and Illinois. We’re experts in court-appointed receivership and turnaround management. We have personally handled over 700 cases as a court-appointed receiver, broker, and advisor in voluntary workouts.

Operating Businesses and Real Estate

The secured creditor and its attorney are often faced with difficult situations and barriers. They need an experienced receiver and business advisor that can review options and consequences relative to the alternatives available at that time.

Shareholder Disputes

Shareholder and membership disputes are essentially business divorces. Amicus Management has employed the use of executive coaches and behavioral psychologists to engage in one-on-one and group meetings to create more positive work environments.


A divorce where a family business or other assets are involved can be particularly contentious. A receiver can be appointed to take over assets at risk of being depleted or disposed of including investment real estate, operating businesses, or other assets requiring unbiased management.


Assets need to be secured quickly, managed, and in most cases sold. A court can grant a receiver broad powers to take immediate and complete control of the business property regardless of where it is located. A receiver has the ability to commence litigation against third parties engaged in fraudulent conveyance to recover business property.

Crisis Management

Developing a business continuity plan, in advance of a crisis, provides a jump start to a successful outcome. Amicus will help you develop or refine your plan. Or, if you are in a crisis now, Amicus will guide you to develop and successfully execute a response plan. We help create a sense of urgency to make necessary changes while also providing calming reassurance and confidence.