Turnaround Management Experts Court Appointed Receivers

Even well-managed businesses can be hit by a crisis.

Preparedness: Well-managed companies will have a business continuity plan, in advance of a crisis. The plan will include a list of potential threats, and analysis including projected impact, probability and contingency plans for each threat. Having a business continuity plan can help jump start a successful response to virtually any crisis. If your business does not have a business continuity plan, Amicus can help you develop one.

Crisis Management: No matter what threatens to negatively impact your business or organization, Amicus has the experience to help understand your options, choose the best option, develop a response plan, and successfully execute the plan. When a crisis occurs, having Amicus present can assist in creating a necessary sense of urgency while also providing calming reassurance and confidence to the team. We help leaders rapidly assess and direct the team to manage and minimize any negative effects.

Amicus’ team are highly skilled in:

  • Liquidity and Cash Management
  • Reorganizations and Downsizing
  • Helping manage a Team’s Confidence, Attitude, and Culture
  • Internal Communications
  • External Communications, including customers
  • Project Management/Execution

The COVID-19 crisis beginning in early 2020 temporarily closed businesses, globally. Some businesses shuttered; Others throttled-back. Some essential businesses had to quickly increase capacity and operate under quickly organized infrastructure to minimize employee and customer exposure.

Other Examples:

  • Loss of significant customers
  • Inability to source raw materials
  • Discovery of fraud or malfeasance
  • Data breaches / Ransome ware
  • Loss of a CEO or other key Executive
  • Natural disasters