Experts In Court Appointed Receivership And Turnaround Management

If you are a creditor, shareholder, business owner, or litigant with an asset or business at risk, a court-appointed receiver can quickly stabilize the situation and implement effective management to communicate with the parties and maximize value.

Our Reputation

Since 1993, Amicus Management, Inc. and its affiliate (Amicus) have administered more than 700 receiverships and disbursed hundreds of millions of dollars to secured creditors, vendors, employees, taxing authorities, and shareholders.

What “Amicus” Means

The company name is derived from Amicus Curiae, which is Latin for “Friend of the Court.” An amicus curiae is a person (or organization) who is not a party to the litigation. But the court allows them to advise on matters that impact the case due to their expertise.

Receivers were appointed in England during the reign of Queen Elizabeth in the 1500s. The American colonies then adopted their legal system from England, including the use of receivers.